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Vermont in the Fall

Chrys and I spent five days in Vermont this October (with a quick trip up to Montreal). If you’re asking yourself “Why Vermont?,” you’ve probably never been. It’s absolutely beautiful. The people are so welcoming. The craft beer scene is booming. Hard cider is being perfected. Cheese. And maple syrup. Lots and lots of maple syrup. “Get to the pictures!”, you say? Here ya go. A combination of photos from our digital camera and cell phones, taken by me and my husband.

Diligently planning our weekend at Penny Cluse Cafe, so delicious!!



First adventure– The Lake Champlain Bike Trail

It picked up right outside of our Air BnB house. The hosts had bikes for us to borrow… it was perfect!

20151016_115048 20151016_115855


Even the graffiti has foliage…20151016_141621  IMG_3510On our last day, we walked the upper part of the trail. In season, there is a bike ferry that takes you across a break in the trail, crossing the water. It’s pretty amazing being in the middle of this enormous lake, looking at New York, the Adirondack Mountains, snow capped peaks, and windmills.

IMG_3579 IMG_3573 IMG_3572 IMG_3571 IMG_20151019_132624839

A quick trip over to Shelburne Farms. Take the tour, it’s completely worth it, this place is amazing in so many ways.

Shelburne Farms is a nonprofit organization educating for a sustainable future. That means learning that links knowledge, inquiry, and action to help students build a healthy future for their communities and the planet.  Our home campus is a 1,400-acre working farm, forest, and National Historic Landmark.

IMG_3511 IMG_20151016_170658135 IMG_20151016_164046239 IMG_20151016_162521168We ventured over to Stowe and much to our delight, it began to snow. The first snow of the season. Unfortunately, they closed the gondola to the top of the mountain just as we arrived. We were unable to hike the mountain, big bummer. We look forward to visiting again…

IMG_3527 IMG_20151017_113535969IMG_3531

IMG_3532 IMG_3533Unable to hike the mountain, we checked our handy dandy guide book, and decided to check out Moss Glen Falls. It was worth it…

IMG_3555These faces were not planned, I swear… we just hang out too much.

Obvious rule breakers…


IMG_3552 IMG_3548 IMG_3545   IMG_3542 IMG_3536Oh, Canada…

IMG_3565 IMG_3563 IMG_3568For the love of cheese curds! (shortly after this photo was taken, a squirrel climbed on me in an attempt to steal our poutine, NOT cool!)

IMG_20151018_130727181 IMG_20151018_155807584Olympic Stadium- 1976 Summer Olympics


Bye bye Vermont, we’re exCIDERed to have seen all you had to offer… until next time!

Peace, love, and maple syrup,


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