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The Meds Aren’t Working, Merry Christmas!

As I reread my birthday post telling friends, family, and new blog readers about my blood disorder, I couldn’t help but laugh. In it I mentioned that I had weekly blood draws, monthly hematologist appointments, and a hope for remission as a Christmas gift.

Well, folks, it’s Christmas Eve…

I had my blood drawn Monday, I see my doctor next Tuesday, and the week before Thanksgiving I got official confirmation that “the meds haven’t worked…now what?”. I’ll spare you the boo-hoo details of that day and tell you that my platelet levels are in a safe and stable range after a month of daily Prednisone (steroids). That’s the most important thing right now, right?

Some blood draws are worse than others...

Some blood draws are worse than others…

Today, I agree with that. I’m so grateful to be safe and in a place that I can travel without worrying about ending up in the hospital for another holiday. However, after weeks of minimal to no side effects, they all kind of hit me like a truck. Remember that angel husband of mine? He can confirm all accounts of mood swings, irrational irritability, insatiable hunger, and naps. Lots and lots of naps. I’ve begun tapering my medicine to every other day to help with the side effects and to help with the next planned course of treatment. Removal of my spleen.

You know nothing about your spleen, you say? Don’t feel bad, neither did I. The reason the little sucker has to go is because he’s the one responsible for killing my platelets. And I like my platelets. They’re round, and purple, and sometimes “notably enlarged” but they’re mine and I love them. So sorry spleen, ya gotta go!!!! (the first week of January, that is)

Since September, I’ve also had the opportunity to see a naturopath in Colorado. She’s advised me on dietary changes and the addition of supplements that can aid in the overall healthful function and recovery of my body. It’s kind of funny, but despite having a blood disorder, this is probably the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life…

Smiles at Red Rocks, Colorado

Smiles at Red Rocks, Colorado

Have I mentioned that I have the best friends and family in the world? I’ve had friends offer to fly up to keep me company, drive up to cook and clean for us, send subscriptions to meditation apps (Headspace rocks!), and offer endless amounts of advice and support. I’m so lucky to have you and the ITP community. I’ve learned so much about so many people through social media.

Something that I’ve prepared myself for is that remission or no remission, ITP is manageable and doesn’t have to slow me down, PHEW! But also that my body is trying to figure out a new normal. Bruises will occur on good days and bad days. Some days I’ll have endless energy and positivity and the next day I’ll be endlessly tired and grumpy.

> Side note: Chrys blames my new obsession with olives the meds, haha.

But hey, it’s almost a new year and you know what? I feel really really good about 2016. My goal is to completely remove Prednisone from my ‘diet’.

Just as I left you with a birthday wish, I’ll leave you with a Christmas wish and inspiration for your New Year…

Walking meditation on Folly Beach, SC

Walking meditation on Folly Beach, SC

Tell the people who matter exactly that. Say hello and thank you. Smile at strangers. Eat your vegetables. Try coconut creamer, it’s quite delicious. Steal an extra kiss. Start saying “no” and stop saying “should”. Sit. Breathe.

Peace and platelets and Merry Christmas,


(P.S. Thanks for reading, you’re fantastic!)


One thought on “The Meds Aren’t Working, Merry Christmas!

  1. Sarah Burbridge

    Hey Shannon! You are handling all of this with so much strength and grace, it’s really inspiring. I hope the surgery went well and that you see some really positive results from it. If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask. Hope to see you around soon!

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