Veg Adventure

About Me

Welcome to Veg Adventure! I’m Shannon and I’ll be your adventure guide through this blog! What kinds of adventures you ask? All kinds!

Every new experience in life is an adventure, wouldn’t you agree?

Things like going to dinner at a new restaurant, festivals and shows, vacation in a new state or country, an intimidating yoga class, or a great conversation with a stranger. Any and all of these things inspire, motivate, and could potentially change your life. I’m embracing the idea to share my experiences with you. Along for the ride is my amazing husband, Chrys. Assistant planner and wanderlust wife wrangler. From cooking in the kitchen, riding our tandem bike, or planning our next camping trip, he keeps me excited, laughing, and ready for the next experience!

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures through life. With every new experience, I grow and learn more about myself and my world. Perhaps I’ll inspire you to take your own adventure?